Eco-friendly disinfection & decontamination services provided by EcoTank

At EcoTank we always keep in mind to keep the water blue, whatever we do, we do it with the protection of our most important resource, the water!


Since 2010, EcoTank has developed unique Eco-friendly decontamination processes and services in order to avoid using highly toxic product in the nature while 100% natural methodologies do exist to decontaminate public places and not dump large quantities of chemicals in our rivers, seas and oceans. 3 Step process: 168 ˚steam, oxygenated water and EcoCert natural detergent depending on surfaces.


Who’s for?  Cleaning and decontamination services for Ports and Marinas offices, Yachts of all sizes, offices and Villas!


Where? All French Riviera ports and marinas, Monaco, Beaulieu, St Jean Cap ferrat, Nice, Marina Baie des Anges, Antibes, Golfe-Juan, Cannes, Mandelieu, St Tropez, port Grimaud, bandol...

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Disinfection is the operation that eliminates or kills microorganisms and/or inactivates undesirable viruses carried by contaminated inert media according to the objectives set.


1. What equipment are we using?


Efficient steam cleaning 168° disinfection process using EcoTank engineered trolley’s:


          - High temperature between 120° and 168°

          - Between 4 bar and 8 bar pressure

          - Less than 10 cm from the support


EcoTank steam trolleys are easy to move around and therefore we can access any rooms in yacht, offices and villas:


Maximum pressure: 8 bars

Max temperature: 168 °

We always use professional protections for our teams and strict decontamination process before and after every place we enter. All our materials are strictly decontaminated between each customers to guarantee optimal results. For more details please read below.



2. What are the Eco-Friendly decontamination products that we use to clean yachts, villas, ports, marinas and offices on the French Riviera?


Detergent disinfection consists in spraying our Eco-Friendly however highly efficient product on the concerned surfaces and respecting the contact time for optimum disinfection. We also use diluted Oxygenated water on specific surfaces where steam or detergent are not adapted.  Triple action to guarantee results without harmng our employees, your employees and our environment : steam + diluted Oxygenated water + EcoCert labeled natural detergent


We use a detergent product labeled ECOCERT Biodegradable made in France that meets the following standards. EcoCert is the most ecofriendly restrictive label for cleaning products and all our products are certified EcoCert. This is a quality guarantees as well as a guarantee that while we do our job, we also keep our beautiful Mediterranean sea, clean and blue!


Product disinfection standards:


BACTERICIDE according to standards:

- EN 1276 in condition of cleanliness at 2% in 5 min.

- EN 1276 in condition of dirtiness at 4% in 5 min.

Strains: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli,

Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus hirae.


FUNGICIDE (yeast killer) according to standard:

- EN 1650 in condition of cleanliness at 4% in 10 min, on the strain Candida Albicans.


VIRUUCOUS according to standard:

- EN 14476 in condition of dirt at 4% in 5 min, on the stump.

Rotavirus SA11.


3. Personal Protective Equipment


Faced with the risk of bacteriological contamination, our workers are equipped accordingly, this is important to us and we make no arrangement with health, safety and security of our employees:


- 100% waterproof Dunlop yellow suits

- Work suits: - work boots - nitrile gloves (in first layer for hand protection)

- red work gloves (in second layer to lock the space between the suit and the nitrile glove).

- 6000 series full face masks (part of the face fully protected)

- filters for mask model 6075 (A+formaldehyde)



4. EcoClean Service Teams and On-Demand Appointments : just call on on +33 4 92 28 38 85


EcoTank utility vehicle are all equipped with disinfection gear and dedicated decontamination area.


We work in teams of at least two technicians who will work together to make sure we correctly protect goods and humans present.


We carry out a technical visit beforehand to determine the type of material and its resistance to the processes (we carry out compatibility tests on small surfaces in order to validate the most suitable process).


The duration is estimated according to:

- Size of the surfaces to be treated

- Type of surfaces to be treated

- Thoroughness of the work to be carried out (hard-to-reach areas or flat surfaces that can be easily cleaned).


1. Site preparation


- Installation of a decontamination zone at the entrance and exit of the construction site.

- Evacuation of all personals, sensitive material and especially food in the open air….

- Installation of protections, of the plan of circulation of the agents and the zones to be treated.



2. Disinfection / decontamination

The teams enter the area to be disinfected and carry out their task, studied and planned in advance.


3. Waste decontamination process and end of our mission


- Evacuation and destruction of protections (in a closed garbage bag),

- Teams exit via the decontamination area.

- Undressing according to the method recommended by the INRS.



4. Pricing on demand


Depending on surface, accessibility and distance from our offices based close de the city of Cannes. We have as well teams present in Monaco, Nice and Antibes on the French Riviera.

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