Ports and Marinas Multi Service Pollution Management Barge


The MULTI-SERVICES ECOTANK barge has been conceived to answer all the needs of the harbour, ports and marinas administrators. This multi-purpose barge can operate many different tasks such as: pollution control, solid waste collection, liquid waste pump out, yacht cleaning services, ports and marinas cleaning services, liquid delivery, trash services ...

Made from 0,8mm aluminum, the hull comes with a 15-year warranty

EcoTank waste management barge has been used for over 10 years by ourselves year-round in multiple busy ports of the french riviera, servicing some of the most demanding customers in the world during very exclusive events in heavy-duty conditions, our barges are the most reliable and effective solution for ports, marinas owners willing to provide the best eco-friendly waste collection services to yacht captains. EcoTank Multi service barge is the most versatile equipment your need for your port and marinas, also for construction projects and oil rigs. Get in touch:



«Toilet tank waste reception facilities must be present in the marina. The toilet tank waste reception facilities may consist of a permanent toilet pumping station, a mobile toilet pumping facility or a sludge pumping van... The facilities must be easily accessible to boat owners.» * Source : Blue flag




  • Collection of waste water and bilge water, coming to you!

  • Towing of vessel in damage

  • Underwater operation seabed cleaning, maintenance of anchor chains and morning boom

  • Mobile service for garbage, trash collection

  • Delivery of fresh water for ship at anchor (1m3 max)

  • Recovering environmental pollution, oil slick (Oleophile skimmer)

  • Re floating of ship in wreck situation

  • Fire fighting

  • Cleaning of dike ripraps

  • Pollution control, pollution management services

  • Solid waste collection

  • Events waste collection during yacht shows, sports events...

Complies with standards :
NF ISO 8099 - waste retention system
ISO 228/1 - Deck fitting on boat
ISO 4567-1978 (F) - Shipyard - Sailing -

Fitting for waste water


  • Lenght overall                                  6.50 m 

  • Lenght at the waterline                   6.09 m 

  • Lenght at the waterline (plan)        6.30 m 

  • Lenght a the waterline loaded        6.47 m 

  • Maxi width                                       2.480 m 

  • Movement lège                                1.75 tonnes 

  • Movement mid load                        4.65 tonnes 

  • Movement loaded                           7.50 tonnes 

  • Draft                                                0.166 m 

  • Draft mid charge                             0.366 m 

  • Draft full charge                              0.55 m 

  • Engine                                              25 – 50 cv CV 

  • Maximum speed                              50 cv upon charge 

  • Passenger number                          2 persons 

  • Crew                                                 1 person 

  • Construction coque-pont               Aluminium 

  • Architecte                                         Groupe FAUROUX 

  • Manufacturer                                   ECONORM 

  • Class of armament                          Category 4 / 5 


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  • Peristaltic Pump T 300 de 100 à 300 L / minute – 9 m de sussions 220 V 48 DB 

  • Flexible suction pype , Light and strong 15 mètres 

  • Valve gun ISO 8099 with control of the load and adaptor 

  • Pack of connection and universal adapter 

  • Suction stick with caul – ON / OFF Valve 

  • Net for micro waste, Trash container 

  • Anchor 10 KG 

  • Pack safety and first aid 5th Category ( 4th category optionnal) 

  • Fenders – blunder – salabre and crowbar – mooring – mooring chain – bilge pump 

  • Mast and signal light / Battery and tank (25 l) 

  • Customizable color 

  • Waste water tank : Capacity 2 tanks of 600 liters + 1 tank of 500 liters ( potential increase in capacity) 

  • Recovery of trashes till 4 tonnes 

  • Towing suitability ( Engine and boat propeller strong load) 

  • Protection of propeller 

Our barges can be customised to meet specific needs

ECOTANK barge is suited for operations in any type of ports, marinas, harbor, working on any size or type of yachts, boats, ships


  • Possibility to extend tank capacity with a total de 3700 liters 

  • Winch of lifting with capacity of 400 kg to 900 kg with system of ballast for compensation 

  • Net of recovery of macro waste self adjusting according to the draft 

  • Fire Hose on articulated arm rotation on 360 ° 1000 liters /minutes – 30 meters 

  • Mobile Dive ladder – 6 meters – mounting bracket Port and starboard side 

  • Mounting bracket for Scuba tank ( 2 ou 4) 

  • Submarine recovery waste cage 

  • Module of cleanup/ dividing skimmer with control unit (100% pollutants collection– 3 % water) 

  • Option of container with custom made selective sorting 

  • Possibility of adjustment to your specific requests 

  • Module for delivery of fresh water at anchor


No matter if you have special needs, we are fully able to build a custom barge for you, upon your request and specifications.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to study your requirements.

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